Our Process

The rapidly evolving and digitally integrated business environment requires a more fluid approach to marketing.

Digital Strategist

Each Plunk customer is assigned a Digital Strategist partner that will help drive campaign ideas and results. This includes bi-weekly calls to review current campaigns and any improvements that can be made.

The following outlines the steps involved from research to execution to analysis.

  • Research

    The Digital Strategist works with the customer to identify the target markets, audience, products/services, creative, concept, budgets and how geo targeting will fit into a campaign.

  • Development

    The Plunk team uses the research and campaign concept to develop the integrated marketing campaigns and launch strategy.

  • Execution

    Campaigns are launched to all the Ad platforms & exchanges.

  • Optimization

    Plunk continuously monitors each campaign and determines if a campaign is under-performing and makes the necessary adjustments and recommendations to the Plunk team.

  • Analysis

    Plunk aggregates campaign analytics from each provider and builds reports. Presentation and recommendations are then provided from the Digital Strategist during the bi-weekly review.