Plunk bridges the gap between how manufacturers and retailers
communicate their product and brand's message to the consumer.

Plunk is for manufacturers that have hundreds of retailers that need a turnkey strategy,
to help push retail sales as well as a consistent brand message.

Plunk can precisely manage thousands of GEO targeted Ad campaigns.

Plunk uses integrated marketing techniques and machine learning algorithms to manage these highly targeted campaigns across thousands of markets.

Increase Sales

Up to 250% increase in brand targeted retail sales.

Increase Traffic

Up to 35% increase in website traffic short-term. Up to 90% increase in website traffic over a 1 year term.

Increase ROI

Far greater ROI than traditional advertising channels including TV, local magazine and newspaper.

Keys to success

Integrated Marketing

An Integrated Marketing Campaign is a highly targeted campaign based around a consistent message. This could be a product launch, event, promotion, etc… All efforts including ads, social media, e-blasts, and other channels are built around this one campaign.


Plunk uses GPS and positioning technology to create a virtual geographic boundary also known as GEO-fencing, enabling the platform to trigger mobile search and display ads to potential customers in a particular area.

Machine Learning

Plunk uses machine learning to place and adjust bids on ads as well as optimize each ad campaign based on user behavior. The platform constantly monitors user reaction to ads and determines if the campaign should be adjusted for a better conversion rate.

Plunk Talent

Each Plunk customer has a dedicated Digital Strategist partner that will help drive campaign ideas and results. This includes bi-weekly calls to review current campaigns and any improvements that can be made.

Ready to increase sales?

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